English Country Dance Choreographies

After years of English country dancing—since I was 8 years old—I’ve only recently begun creating my own English country dance choreographies. I love it! It’s such a fun combination of movement, interaction, musical expression, and puzzle solving. I was very prolific before the coronavirus came in and shut everything down, creating new choreographies and sending them out into the world. They were already starting to be danced in dance halls across the country, and the feedback on them has been wonderful so far. I started choreographing again in May 2021, with Red-Tailed Hawk, and then wrote Awakening for the Playford-to-the-Present ball in October 2021. I’m now getting back into a groove and choreographing more. I even won a dance-writing competition in May 2022 with my dance As You Were! 🙂

The links below have information about each dance, including the instructions, music, and video(s). I’m also happy to share recordings if you need one, since I often have to edit or change the tempo to suit the dance. Feel free to contact me at camusr6 at gmail dot com.

I hope you try out my dances and enjoy them! I’d love to hear from you about it if you do. 🙂

Here are my ECD choreographies so far:

As You Were — NEW!


Inklings Romp

Red-Tailed Hawk


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