Here are some of the latest videos I’ve created, from interviews to personal edits, to commentaries on movies. All videos edited by myself. (See these and more on my YouTube channel, and be sure to subscribe!)

I’m hugely inspired by YouTube video compilations, like the ones by Robert Jones. I wanted to try my hand at one, so I created this compilation for the Christmas holiday last year. The music is “Just For Now” by Imogen Heap, and while I adore her and love her recordings, I decided to use the cover by Pentatonix for this video. I’m really pleased with how the video came out.

Just For Now – A Christmas Compilation from Renee Camus on Vimeo.


This is another Grand March (a medley of marchable tunes in a theme), of pieces from movie scores and soundtracks. As with the Halloween march below, I made the audio version of this march several years ago for the monthly dances we used to hold at our house. I prepared it for one of our February dances, to celebrate the Oscars, though not all of these are Oscar nominated films (Cutthroat Island??). I finally added corresponding video clips to go with the music in 2016.


Movies Grand March (with Video) from Renee Camus on Vimeo.


This is a Grand March (ie: a medley of marchable tunes, often within a theme) that I made several years ago for the monthly dances we used to hold at our house. In 2015 I decided to add videos to go with the music. Some of the videos are well known with that particular piece of music, while others I chose because they’re similar or just look cool (the Psycho/Dies Irae combination is kind of a private joke between me and some of my high school friends, though hopefully others will enjoy it too). I’m really pleased with both the grand march and the video compilation.

I decided to try my hand at a video movie review, one that may turn into a series. Here, my husband Alex and I discuss the Cameron Diaz-led movie, The Other Woman.


Here’s an interview with Adam Scott that I conducted at the NBC Universal Summer Press Day.


I interviewed the creators of So You Think You Can Dance, including Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, after the Season 10 finale.

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