Tetherball – English country dance

Tetherball started as an anti-Valentine’s Day dance, as partners start together, then interact with other people, and then end up together again. I think it’s grown a bit beyond that now. The tune is The Gale, by Susan Conger. Choreographed January 2019.


An English Country Dance by Renée Camus
© January 23, 2019
Final Version – February 3, 2020
Tune: The Gale, by Susan Conger

Duple minor longways, proper
AABB ad lib 4/4
q . = 115 (or so)

(8 cts)
1s (small loop in and) cast to second place, then
change places quickly (on beats 7-8, like Hole in the
Wall cross), ending close together, WHILE 2s come
together (4 cts) then lead up (4 cts), ending close
together, facing each other
(8 cts)
All fall back with (opposite gender) neighbor, and
come forward turning single (optional)
A21-4Two changes of Rights and Lefts starting with partner
across (4 cts each)
5-8Partner 2-hand turn once around
B11-4Double Mad Robin figure CW along the sides (facing
partner across); on last beat, turn to face neighbor on side
5-8Double Mad Robin CCW across the set (facing neighbor
above or below)
B21-4All turn Neighbor 2-hands once and a half (skipping
if you want) to progress
5-81s turn partner 2-hands once round (finish proper)
WHILE 2s turn partner 2-hands halfway, ending
close (4 cts), and push away to fall back (4 cts)


B1: The easiest way to remember the direction of the Mad Robins is that the 1st diagonal people (the gents) go in front of the 2nd diagonal people (the ladies) both times.

Point out transition from B2 into A1: 1s two hand turn, then come together and push off into cast. 2s push away from each other to fall back, only to come forward again in A1.

Tetherball Instructions Screenshot
Click to download the instructions for Tetherball.
Click to download the music for The Gale (Tetherball).

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