Inklings Romp

Inklings Romp was written for my two youngest kittens, siblings Dash and Violet (aka: the Inklings), and their interactions with their new siblings, Arya and Leeloo. The setting step represents the Inklings romping. The tune is “It Rains by Dogs and Cats,” by David Wiesler. Choreographed May 2018.

Inklings Romp

An English Country Dance by Renée Camus
©May 19, 2018
Final Version: November 29, 2019
Tune: It Rains by Dogs and Cats, by Dave Wiesler, 2015

Duple minor longways, proper
ABB ad lib (AB=8 mm each)
9/8 (dotted quarter = 105)

A1-21s set Right and Left.*
3-41s change places as follows: half walkaround
(gypsy) Right-shoulder to pass each other, then turn
single Left to opposite place (like an S shape).
5-6All face your corner and set to Right and Left.
7-8All circle Right halfway (3 counts) and turn single
Right (cast out of the circle) (3 counts). (Finished
progressed, 2s improper).
B11-2All walkaround (gypsy) partner Right shoulder
once around, then
3-4All walkaround neighbor Left shoulder.
5-82nd diagonals (gents) start a Hey for 4 by passing
Right-shoulder in the middle (1st diagonals/ladies
loop to start hey). Go slightly more than halfway
(4 changes; gents just pass each other again) until
you meet your partner (1s are below 2s).
B21-2All draw back into line (like a half poussette**
CW: Gents moving forward; Ladies have to reverse
momentum). End 1s above, improper (2s proper).
3-4All cloverleaf turn single (tops (1s) turning up,
bottoms (2s) turning down) (6 counts).
5-6All 2 changes of Rights and Lefts (with hands,
starting with partner across).
7-8All turn partner 2-hands to get proper (1s once
around, 2s halfway (or 1½ if they’re fast)).

* This is intended to use a triple setting step: Right-left-right-left-right, Left-right-left-right-left. The setting step represents the kittens romping. 🙂

** The poussette is less than half because it flows out of the hey, so people are not in a perfect square when the poussette starts.

The name of the tune comes from how Dave’s Russian colleague Lev Feigin said the well-known English expression.

Dash and Violet Inklings
The Inklings, Dash and Violet
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Arya and Leeloo
Arya and Leeloo
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