First Friday Dance Parties!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a last minute circumstance beyond our control (a scheduled power outage by Southern California Edison), we have had to CANCEL our June 2 First Friday Dance! There is no longer a dance on Friday June 2nd. Please join us on Friday July 7th instead. We are working on rescheduling the wonderful Split Peas for another date.


Come celebrate the joy of dancing with a community dance party!

I’m thrilled to be partnering with the California Dance CoOperative on a new series:

First Friday Dance Parties!

First Friday Dance Flyer - July, August, September

These parties are similar to events I held at my house in Adelphi, Maryland, which we called “The Conservatory.” They are fun, lighthearted gatherings that emphasize love of movement and community-building over a particular style of dance. Join us on the First Friday of every month for a mix of different dance styles, from group contras and English country dances, to couple turning and social dances like waltz, tango, one-step, swing, polka, schottische, and salsa, just for starters.

A Dance Potpourri, if you will!

To get people on their feet, I offer brief introductory lessons as the evening progresses and need arises. No experience necessary!

From time to time the dance will take on a special theme or celebration, perhaps to tie into the month (Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Winter Solstice), or to present a special dance event, such as a speakeasy or cabaret. I’ll also work with other local dance friends and producers, including Darlene Hamilton (founder of Victorian Tea & Dance Society) and Mike Lauma, to create special events and themed dances.

No partner or experience needed. Light refreshments will be provided.

Our first dance is April 7, 2017. All dances are from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at the South Pasadena War Memorial Hall (435 Fair Oaks Ave, South Pasadena, California 91030). $12 general admission, $8 students.

Worried about traffic? Come late! Since the lessons are spread throughout the evening, you won’t miss them,
and you’ll still get plenty of dancing in!

In keeping with Cal Dance Co-Op’s hugely important tradition, all First Friday Dance Parties will feature LIVE MUSIC!
(A few modern recordings may be played during the break or for a special treat.)

We’re thrilled to have some incredible bands and musicians lined up already:


First Friday Dance Parties - English Roses
April 7: THE ENGLISH ROSES (Mary Ann Sereth, Walter Sereth, and Denisa Hanna).
First Friday Dance Parties - Rhythm Trio
May 5: THE RHYTHM METHOD (Steve Shapiro, Emil Olguin, and Joyce Pan)
First Friday Dance Parties - Split Peas
New Date TBD: SPLIT PEAS (Bob Altman and Patty McCollom)
First Friday Dance Parties - Jerry Wheeler
July 7: Jerry Wheeler and Friends















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Come dance with us! 

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